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Venos Baby

To the Client:

  • It reduces parents’ anxiety and pain to the little patient, for the proceeding is safer and less traumatic;
  • It reduces the probability of damage to veins and haematome formation.

To the Health Technician:

  • Visual information plus the natural ability to locate veins reduce rate of unsuccessful puncture, increasing first trying success;
  • It assures greater speed and safety in work;
  • It assures the possibility of choosing peripheral veins, specially in patients with long period treatments;
  • It allows diagnosing the impossibility of fiddling peripheral veins.

To the Institution

  • It reduces costs with dischargeable materials (needles, catheters, etc.);
  • It increases the parents clients satisfaction index, that naturally will recommend the good services provided;
  • It increases the offered attending quality, reflecting a good institutional image to the market.
  • Certified by ANVISA (Brazil), FDA (USA) and CE (European Economic Area)
  • Measures (cm): 11.5 x 4.5 x 3.0
  • 6 high intensity leds, 3 in each stem (a green one, a red one and two white ones);
  • 90 degree rotating stems;
  • Two levels of light intensity (medium and high);
  • Recharge dual voltage base;
  • Battery charge pilot on the upper surface;
  • Latest generation circuits, with SMT(Surface Mount Technology) technology;
  • 01 Battery pack 3,6V Li-ion;
  • Safety system (temperature sensor) that disrupts the recharge with temperature increase above 60º Celsius.
  • One year warranty;
  • Permanent Duan technical assistance.

Portable devise, with lower removable compartment for rechargeable battery changing.
Rechargeable time: 2 hours.
Continuous time usage in level II: 01h 15min.
Batteries time life: 1,000 charges.

Questions? Look for our "frequently asked questions" section.

R$ 1285,00