Besides the proper qualities of offered products and the exclusive care in client attending, Duan work consistence can be also proved by the several prizes the enterprise achieved and by the specialized articles published by its managers.

Following we mention some of the items that compound the credibility list.


  • Detach Case in Creativity in SEBRAE through distance in 2010. Watch the video.
  • São Paulo State SEBRAE Prize, 99 innovative solutions in 2009. Read the full article. In PDF.
  • Jornal Gestão Estratégica em medicina laboratorial, fev 2009. Artigo: Fase pré-analítica apresenta maior frequência de erros.
  • Revista do Farmacêutico, jan/fev 2008. Artigo: Luz para os exames laboratoriais.
  • XX International Symposium on Technological Innovations in Laboratory Hematology (ISLH), mai 2007. Primeiro prêmio como jovem pesquisador.
  • Annual Meeting of American Association for Clinical Chemistry (2007). 6th young researches agrees.
  • Recommended by European Pre-analytical Scientific Committees (www.specimencare.com)

Duan at the media:

  • Folha de São Paulo newspaper - Foco: Focus: Technology allows to see baby vessels, facilitating blood collecting. Portuguese version - PDF.