About Us

Focused on health field by option and vocation, Duan International of Brazil is specialized in manufacturing and commercializing laboratory and hospital products since 1990.

Founded in 1986, in São Paulo city, at the beginning the enterprise exported products from several areas.

In 1990, it started to be conducted by a medical doctor staff, focusing in commercializing products aiming the health field.

After researching more than a dozen enterprises, in several North American states, Duan centered its work in three products: portable oxygen generator, artificial skin and cutaneous transiluminator, this last one commercialized in Brazil under the name of Venoscópio.

In 2000, Duan started the industrial activity with the manufacturing of the first Venoscópio, named Venoscópio IV.

Nowadays, Duan has clients distributed around several regions into the country: North and Northeast (30%), South and Southeast (50%) and Center-West (20%).

Continuously committed to technological and scientific development, and totally attuned to the new global pre analytic exigencies, Duan has frequently taken part of congresses and fairs in the health field, in Brazil and abroad.

Its two scientific works presented and awarded in the USA, in 2007, are a clear statement of the positive effects of this directing.

In performing its work, Duan:

  • values ethics,
  • prioritizes quality,
  • cultivates seriousness and
  • maintains in time accomplishment of its compromises, with a posture of high professionalism that is the essence of its mission and vision.


Promoting the usage of technology in favoring the client.


Always seeking technological excellence, with its collaborators and clients participation, and scientific researches.