What is Venoscópio IV Plus?

Venoscópio IV Plus is a device that locates peripheral veins precisely.

Portable, compact and anatomical, its handling is easy and enables, in a non invasive form, to visualize vein through light.

How it is possible to obtain fundamental parameters with the vein puncture:

  • gauge and diameter;
  • route and bifurcations;
  • flux and permeability.

Despite that, Venoscópio IV Plus benefits patients who have difficult venous access, as:

  • obese patients;
  • old aged patients;
  • dark skin patients;
  • chronicle patients.

How does Venoscópio IV Plus works and which are its differentials?

It uses leds with a combination of lights (green + red) that, projected on skin permeates subcutaneous tissue till 5mm deep, detaching in blue tone the carbonic gas transported by veins.

This way, it is possible the perfect visualization of a vein in environment light before punching it, minimizing mistake possibility.

Stems rotation of 90 degrees enables the usage of Venoscópio IV Plus in any skin surface.

It is important to emphasize that the image is direct and not reflected, canceling the risk of an amplified vein visualization mistake.

It dismisses the usage of tourniquet that disrupts the blood flux temporarily, altering the biochemical and hematological parameters.

After fixing Venoscópio IV Plus ao a limb, the operator stays with both hands free to proceeds the venous puncture.

To the Client:

  • It reduces the anxiety and pain, for the proceeding is safer and less traumatic;
  • It reduces the probability of damage to veins and haematoma formations.

To the Health Technician:

  • Visual information added to his natural ability in locating veins reduces rate of unsuccessful punctures;
  • It assures greater speed and safety in work;
  • It increases the possibility of veins choice, mainly in patients with long treatment period;
  • It allows diagnosing the impossibility of finding peripheral veins.

To the Institution:

  • It reduces costs with dischargeable materials (needles and catheters, etc.);
  • It increases the index of users satisfaction that, naturally, will recommend the good services provided;
  • It elevates the offered attending quality reflecting a good institutional image in the market.
  • Certified by ANVISA (Brazil), FDA (USA) and CE (European Economic Area)
  • Measures (cm): 11.5 x 4.5 x 3.0;
  • 4 RGB (English sign for red, green and blue) 2 in each stem;
  • 90 degrees rotating stems;
  • Two levels of light intensity (medium and high);
  • Recharge dual voltage base;
  • Battery charge pilot on upper surface;
  • 01 Battery pack 3,6V Li-ion;
  • Safety system (temperature sensor) that disrupts the recharge with temperature increase above 60º Celsius.
  • One year warranty;
  • Permanent Duan technical assistance.

Portable device, with lower removable compartment to battery changing, and support base that allows it to be constantly charged when out of use.

Its usage leads to more safety and comfort, to the patient as well as to the user.
Dr. José Humberto Moromizato

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