What is Venos Baby?

Venos Baby is a device that precisely locates peripheral veins, through light, in children form birth to seven years old.

It enables the attaining of fundamental parameters to vein puncture:

  • gauge and diameter;
  • route and bifurcations;
  • flux and permeability.

Besides that, o Venos Baby benefits patients with difficult venous access as:

  • obese patients;
  • congenital syndromes patients;
  • dark skin patients;

How does Venos Baby work?

It uses a combination of lights (green + red+ white) that projected on the skin permeates the sub cutaneous tissue detaching the veins, in blue tone (it is the carbonic gas transported by veins).

It enables to use the lighting in three ways:

  1. Direct of transdermal lighting: light beam project directly on the skin detaches the veins through a bluish tone.
  2. Opposite lighting: when the light beam is positioned in the opposite area of the part to be punctured (wrist, elbow, hand, foot, ankle). This way is indicated to children up to 2 kg.
  3. Bilateral lighting:: when a part of the new born (diameter between 1.5 – 2.0cm) is positioned between the two stems to 90º enabling the view of superficial and deep veins. There is a sum of right and left light.

It is important to emphasize that the image is direct and not reflected, canceling the risk of amplified veins visualizing mistake.

It dismisses the usage of tourniquet which disrupts in a temporary form the blood flux, altering the biochemical and hematological parameters.

It is practically the only way of viewing, mainly to the passage of PICC (Peripheral Insertion Central Catheter) in new born children under 1.5kg.

The ergonomic design and 90 degrees rotation stems allows the usage of Venos Baby in any skin surface.

The operator, with only one hand, can control luminosity adjusting the focus and the light intensity during searching for the desired ideal vein.

To the Client:

  • It reduces parents’ anxiety and pain to the little patient, for the proceeding is safer and less traumatic;
  • It reduces the probability of damage to veins and haematome formation.

To the Health Technician:

  • Visual information plus the natural ability to locate veins reduce rate of unsuccessful puncture, increasing first trying success;
  • It assures greater speed and safety in work;
  • It assures the possibility of choosing peripheral veins, specially in patients with long period treatments;
  • It allows diagnosing the impossibility of fiddling peripheral veins.

To the Institution

  • It reduces costs with dischargeable materials (needles, catheters, etc.);
  • It increases the parents clients satisfaction index, that naturally will recommend the good services provided;
  • It increases the offered attending quality, reflecting a good institutional image to the market.
  • Certified by ANVISA (Brazil), FDA (USA) and CE (European Economic Area)
  • Measures (cm): 11.5 x 4.5 x 3.0
  • 6 high intensity leds, 3 in each stem (a green one, a red one and two white ones);
  • 90 degree rotating stems;
  • Two levels of light intensity (medium and high);
  • Recharge dual voltage base;
  • Battery charge pilot on the upper surface;
  • Latest generation circuits, with SMT(Surface Mount Technology) technology;
  • 01 Battery pack 3,6V Li-ion;
  • Safety system (temperature sensor) that disrupts the recharge with temperature increase above 60º Celsius.
  • One year warranty;
  • Permanent Duan technical assistance.

Portable devise, with lower removable compartment for rechargeable battery changing.
Rechargeable time: 2 hours.
Continuous time usage in level II: 01h 15min.
Batteries time life: 1,000 charges.

The operator, with only one hand, can control luminosity adjusting the focus and the light intensity during searching for the desired ideal vein.
Dr. José Humberto Moromizato

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